Watering your new Landscape Plants:

- Soil Touch Test. Get your hands dirty! Use a hand shovel and go down a few inches under the mulch. Feel the soil and see if it’s dry. (Remember cool soil can feel wet)
- Watering every other day the first 3 weeks and every third or fourth day the last 3 weeks after installing a new planting is essential for its survival.
- Use a rain gauge and water one inch per week.
- Make sure the area is dry before watering again.

Watering your new Sod:

- Water daily ½ inch the first 2 weeks after we install the sod.
- After 2 weeks cut back watering to every 2 to 4 days for 3 additional weeks. The sod needs at least one inch per week. (use a rain gauge)
-The rest of the season, water up to an inch per week.

Watering your newly seeded lawn:

- Do not allow the seeded area to dry out. It should be kept moist at all times until the seed germinates.
- Once the new grass is an inch tall water every other day, then every third day after two weeks, one inch or more.
- Mow the newly established seedlings when they reach 2.5 to 3.0 inches. That’s around three weeks after the seed application. When mowing remove only 1/2” to 1” off the top of the blade which is around 1/3.
- Mow every week once it establishes uniformly and give the new lawn one inch or more of water per week.
-Do not remove the straw. It will provide an organic layer to keep moisture around the roots.