Lawn Mowing
Every lawn gets the full service: trimming all edges, blowing off all surfaces and mowing with the best equipment and staff.

Trauth views landscaping as your outdoor investment and curb appeal of your home. We provide horticulture experience and expertise before you spend money on your investment. Maintenance services include: leaf and weed removal, pruning for health and shape, trench edging, re-grading, dividing and transplanting, as well as mulching for that finishing touch.
Leave the work to us! We will clear away the leaves to reveal your beautiful winter landscape. Allow us to be meticulous in cleaning every area of your property for a nice view on a cold winter day.

Is the snow and ice slowing you down? Let Trauth clear your drives and walks of snow and ice. We are always ready to go with our plow trucks, snow blowers and de-icing spreaders so you can get to your destination safely and on time.

Design & Installation
Our design work is supported by our Horticulturist’s (B.S. Ornamental Hort. ) plant knowledge of all species and cultivars . We can implement a new design using our 2D and 3D Photo Imaging Software which will show the new landscaping in front of your home or building.  We also can offer you the traditional Aerial Layout Plan through our Computer Aided Design Software . We make sure that each plant is hand picked for health, good form and structure. Amended soil and proper grading is always implemented while installing your new landscaping.

We can build natural stone or pre-cast paver, walks, patios and walls.

Tree Care
Trauth Landscaping offers Tree Pruning and Removal. ( No emergency service )

Lawn Renovation
We can rebuild your lawn any time in the growing season when using seed, however; the best time for seed renovation is August into September. The other alternative for an instant lawn is sod. The best time to plant sod in our opinion is March, April, October, and November. To renovate an existing lawn we offer aeration and slice seeding. Trauth Landscaping is always available for questions regarding care of your Outdoor Areas.

Leave it to the Professionals at TRAUTH LANDSCAPING!